Wait! It’s Still Christmas!!

Today, it was back to the day job for me.

My emails need answering, there are plans to make, videos to edit, web pages to update and graphics to design……. but I’m really not ready for it to be another year already. It’s too soon. Last year was loud. And crazy. And exhausting.

So far, I am observing the fact that it’s not *actually* 12th Night yet, and so Christmas isn’t really over. It’s helping me to avoid the shock of all that “New Year, New You” expectation that I’m magically going to be £1000 better off and a stone lighter by the end of the month, and making me be a little kinder to myself.

It means I’ve carried on my creative binge from Christmas week and am still making things rather than switching off and going straight back into desk mode. It means I can focus in the day job, because I’m not worrying about all the stuff I am supposed to achieve this month, season and year at my desk. And it means I’m much happier for it 🙂

And, most importantly, it means I can still eat lots of chocolate. Which is the most fun part surely!!

However, some New Year traditions remain – and yet again, I am making just one New Year’s Resolution.

Last year, I vowed to start showing people my artwork again after years of keeping it largely to myself and close friends. I made LOADS of things, developed my style, worked out what I was truly interested in and started developing new skills (woodcarving anyone??). By the end of 2016, I’d developed a little business that I am excited to grow this year and create even more exciting new things, and I met an amazing bunch of new friends who have taught me so much and laughed with me when I’ve ended up in a pickle with paint.

This year, it’s all about taking care of myself a little better. I’m not one for January Diets or impossible goals, so I’m keeping it simple:

Every week in 2017, I am going to do a minimum of one hour of proper, sweaty, exercise – and very occasionally, I might talk about it and how it’s going.

An hour, when you think about it, isn’t a lot out of a whole week, but I think it’s a good baseline for me to work from.

  • An hour is one Zumba class with my work mates.
  • It’s three quick 20 min sessions from my 30 day shred DVD.
  • Or a quick swim one day, followed by some hula hooping on another.
  • It’s some time laughing at myself falling over on a fake ski slope.
  • And, at a push, it’s an all-day walk in the hills with the boyfriend at the weekend if I’ve been feeling super lazy that week…

Overall, I’m excited to see where I get with this. I have 12 fitness DVDs that I’ve borrowed or found cheaply so I’m never without something new that month to do at home, and want to see how many different ways I can fill my hour as the year goes on. And if I really like them, I might even do TWO hours of things! In ONE WEEK!

But for now, it’s back to the art desk – top secret projects are afoot!



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