Telling Stories: First Sale Item!

I really feel like I’ve been starting to find my ‘place’ recently with my work. I’d tried copying all sorts of people for practice at home, trying to figure out whose style was ‘mine’. I’d even bought some little bits of art from some of my favourite people to see if some of their talent would rub off.

The thing that really made me settle down though, were these two questions:

“When someone looks at something you’ve made, how do you want them to feel? And what things make you feel that way?”

And they started me off on a little adventure.

Because what I want people to do when they see my work is stop for a moment and smile. And I want them to feel entertained, and taken away somewhere else for a second. Somewhere lovely that reminds them of when they were six and wanted to be a knight or an astronaut or a ballet dancer or a doctor or a chef with a big floppy hat.

And the sorts of things that make me feel like that are the theatre, fairytales, nature and science. Sure, I have LOTS of things that I love. But it’s these four themes that cover all the moments in my life I can think of where I have stopped and just had to let the world around me sink in for a second because I’m so happy.Weather Life's Storms

Fast forward two weeks from those two incredibly helpful questions, and my work has really changed. I’m still happy to take commissions… but I can’t guarantee that the finished work will be serious! In my day job I am serious, and technical, and sharp. With my art, I am silly and joyful and I tell stories. And my first piece that came out of this (which honestly really feels like an actual piece of my heart out there for the world to see) is my first Story Box.

I plan to make lots of these, each one hand made and hand painted and hand built and hand everything. And each one will either tell part of a story or an entirely new one of its own. Little homes for my imagination. I really hope you like them, because I do!

Steph x


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