Invest a little in 10 year old you!

As an update from last time, my family are doing lots better thanks guys 🙂 I don’t usually make a habit of talking about that kind of stuff, but it was a bit of a strange week!

Fast forward a bit and there are still lots of hospital visits to do – but while I am working solely for myself for the next couple of months, it’s great knowing I can be there to look out for them. And equally great that, in the moments in between, I am learning TONS of new stuff, making things every day, and even getting back into a bit of web coding and digital design.

But, I know that (much as I am a sparkly dream fairy and why shouldn’t everyone want to buy my awesome things even if I don’t actually know what they are going to be yet…) I need to invest in myself to make sure I stay sharp. So, on top of planning out my time the way I did in my dream job with project deadlines, development points and to do lists, I have also invested in a pretty awesome small business mentoring scheme. So far, I’ve already learned how to take a proper product photo (and mine are at least a lot better now!), that networking is not a dirty word if you do it right and just make friends with the world, and that sometimes the best thing I can do is to step back and look at things in an hour or two. So much of my work has flown after a break!

I’m already noticing a change not only in what, but also HOW I produce things and having a mentor for my startup is also reminding me of all the other things I want to achieve, and how much I can achieve if I just plan things right.

So I’d like to pass a little bit of this awesome magic of literally just having someone hold me accountable every week to what I wanted and what I achieved and say to you….


You are never too old, or too lost, or too stupid, or too far gone, or too set in your ways or too anything else.

When you were 10 you could have been, done or had ANYTHING in your future. What do you really want now? With the smallest plan, you might just be able to get there. Go make 10 year old you proud x






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