Day One of Whenenver…

Well, after deciding to stick at things and not give up, things have definitely moved on apace!

My family had a scary week last week with multiple visits to accident and emergency, operations, tests and the house being in total upheaval. And, I left my day job. All in the space of about 8 days. How the world is a different place today!

Today is, in fact, my first day working exclusively on Beyond Paper Stars in, like, ever. And so far, it’s been a pretty good day: I’ve cleared out my work space and organised all my materials; sorted through my invoices; planned out my week; enquired about registering with HMRC; sketched a bunch of postcard designs, and completed a new papercut design – The Deep.

the deep for FB.png

The Deep – (c) Stephanie Anne 19 March 2016

“The Deep” is an original design hand cut from a single sheet of luxury hammered paper, accented with gold, aquamarine, blue and grey and floated over a textured navy background to create some gorgeous shadows. The original will be for sale soon once I’ve framed and signed it, and the good news is I’m also working on the digital design that will become a personal use template in my new shop by the end of the week!

So, as my ship sales into waters as yet uncharted and everything is a little bit new and scary but exciting too…. here’s to the first day of whenever!


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