Not just giving up

Do you ever make new years resolutions, stick to them for a couple of weeks, talk about how you’ve been doing them for a few weeks more… then they slowly, casually slip in to the ‘maybe next year’ box in your brain?

No? Just me?

I was full of new years’ drive and ambition about this site back in January. In february, I was calling myself an artist, producing lots, but not actually finishing anything or putting it anywhere.

Cue March. MARCH. 3 Whole months into the year! It was now or never.

So, I now have a fantastic logo, and I’m well on the way to setting up my future shop. I also have a bunch of little paintings, and a mountain of new papercut designs to cut out and digitise. Oh – and I have an incredibly awesome boyfriend who designed the aforementioned logo (you like?) and has been endlessly patient with my dragging knives and paper and sketching tools with me everywhere we’ve gone for the past goodness knows how long.

So, March. This is my month, I’ve decided. More updates next week hopfully but in the meantime – if you made a resolution that has fallen by the wayside that you kinda wish you hadn’t stopped investing in – GO FOR IT! Give it 5 minutes, 15, an hour and see if you still love the idea.

You might end up with a website. Or, you might end up doing far better than me and my ‘tone up’ resolution that I still daren’t take out of it’s box……



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