New Banner!

I am slowly getting there in making this little corner of the internet my own.

Last night I opened one of my Christmas presents, a gorgeous calligraphy set. And it is really lovely. And all the examples of text were really lovely. And the nibs were lovely, and the posh paper was lovely….

My attempts at calligraphy were not lovely.

A five year old could have done better, and I stained my right hand fluorescent blue. I also swore a lot.

So, my banner is not beautiful fountain pen calligraphy. But it IS done with a calligraphy marker pen, with my posh one in the picture to make it look prettier…. and I have set myself a challenge to learn how to do it properly so I can do pretty lettered envelopes and gift tags and hopefully a new banner once I’m better!

In art news, I’ve been working on some insect themed doodles, and a template for a couple of tattoo-style papercuts as well as the dreaded pretty ink writing.

And now I’m off, to go cut a gorgeous Paper Panda template and relax a bit.

Stephanie x

(p.s. there is still blue on my fingers. I am sure my work colleagues think I am weird)

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