Tiny is good – mental health

Today, I am tired. I have been mostly asleep or dozing in beds, on buses, and on sofas. I had to be dragged out of bed, and complained for a good half an hour about being awake while my incredibly understanding boyfriend cracked jokes until I had to laugh at the stupidity of the situation.

The joy of the winter blues. These days, I don’t fight it so much because I accept that I get like this – I can have whole weeks or months where I just want to sleep my days away and stay in a blanket fort forever. But accepting it, rather than getting mad about it, lets me work around it (that, and having some of the most amazingly understanding friends a girl could wish for).IMG_20160103_210737 (2)

So, I focused on little things. I doodled a picture of our friend’s Christmas tree while Ben played board games with them. I napped on their sofa for a bit too (thanks guys!)

I’ve also coloured in a page from my lovely Enchanted Forest colouring book, and practiced with my scalpel on some pretty little templates fro
m Paper Panda.

I even joined in a game of exploding kittens (if you haven’t played it, it’s awesome).

By concentrating on small things and not beating myself up that my brain wasn’t  really”up” to loud, lively times or ambitious projects, I actually had a really lovely day with a few crafty bits to show for it too.

If you sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by things, or want to hide in your duvet, it is totally fine. You don’t HAVE to do “big” today. But, it might be lovely if you try doing something small like getting up, getting dressed an looking out the window. And it’s probably a whole lot easier if you keep things small every now and again. Tiny tasks are great. Tiny gets me up and washed and in to work, then keeps me going with short, easy to-do lists and the promise that I can go to bed as soon as they’re done. And often, when they are done and I’m home and in my den, I decide to go to bed. But just as often I pick up my pencils or felt or scalpel or knitting and just do something little for myself.

So, if you’re feeling a bit fed up or low or just too tired when you read this, try sticking to the tiny things in life for a little while. Tiny is good.

Stephanie x



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