Hello 2016

IMG_20160102_232845It always takes me a couple of days to get used to the idea of a new year – like wearing in a new pair of boots. It doesn’t feel real until I’ve got bored of saying happy new year to everyone and written in my new diary.

So, with that in mind, the first bit of actual art is only just going up here today. And I cheated a bit as I actually made it a week ago, so I’ve added a doodle. Hello!

Having this last week off work has been bloody lovely – I’ve basically been lazily artsing all over the place in between meeting up with family and friends and staying over at Ben’s all week. It’s been a proper holiday, although I am fairly sure he can’t wait to get his floor/drawer/rug/computer space back to normal when I pack up and go home tomorrow!



I even managed a full craft day fueled by ginger biscuits with my lovely friend Lorna where I designed and made this fairy tale inspired piece. It’s my first ‘big’ paper cut, and there are lots of things I want to tweak to make it into a proper template to cut again in the future (or maybe make available for sale for some of you lovely people to cut?!) but I really love it. It incorporates some of my favourite children’s stories for a friend who loves princesses. You should be able to spot: the forest of thorns from sleeping beauty; Belle’s rose; Cinderella’s slipper; Aladdin’s lamp; a mermaid; Snow White’s apple; Rapunzel’s hair; the ship from Peter Pan; and a hot air balloon on its way to the land of Oz – not forgetting the all important storybook. The swirling thorns were definitely the most difficult part (and the part that I want to tweak the most!) but I’m quite proud of them. Even if they DID make me swear a lot.

Also, thanks to some super generous people buying me various art shop vouchers for Christmas, I had a proper art materials shopping spree and now have some giant white hammered paper to maybe make something properly massive, along with a rainbow of new papers and glittery paints and pens!  So now I have no excuse not to make things….

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year,



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