Owning your art

Day 1… the artists have accepted me into their tribe and invited me to partake in a creative ‘away weekend’ in August…. they have not yet realised that I do not have a clue what I am doing……

Does anyone else feel like a fraud when they do arty things?

I find this frequently. I’ll tell people that I ‘just do a bit of cutting paper’ or ‘just draw’ or ‘I like crafting’. The phrase ‘I make art’ scares me. Proper people make art – people with reputations and followers and collectors.

What is even more scary is my recent realisation that, far from being a whim, I would actually really like to make a living from art. And if I want to do that, I need to stop saying ‘I just’ and start owning my ability to create lovely things.

My biggest resolution is to finally follow through with this little corner of the internet that I created two years ago then abandoned. But I think smaller, regular resolutions are just as important.

So for January 2016 I resolve to be proud of what I create – to still be humble, but start believing people when they say they love something I’ve created for them and to be brave enough to put my artwork here in its new home where people might actually see it.

If you sometimes feel like a fraud too,  I challenge you to join me. Be proud of what you make – be it paintings, paper art, baking, metalwork, jewellery, woodwork, or some Ikea shelves. Own your creations!

And on that note, I’l say goodnight. And the arty posts will start tomorrow.

Happy New Year!


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